Why is being dilated at your eye exam so important?

  Dilating the eyes means making the pupil “bigger” in order to allow the doctor to see more of the inside of the eye.  Think of  it this way – Your eye is small, round and very dark inside with a hole for viewing called the Pupil.  However, when you use  a bright light to try […]

True or False; Carrots are Good for Your Eyes

Your body stores excess vitamin A, the vitamin in Carrots long believed to have a vision benefit. Unless depleted of vitamin A, excess vitamin A is of no particular benefit to your eyes or vision.   Supplemental vitamin A can have some negative health effects. It increases risk of lung cancer in smokers. Also, a […]

Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent progression of AMD, according to studyp

Jun 22, 2009 Ophthalmology Times Medford, MA—Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as tuna and salmon may protect against progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The benefits, however, seem to depend on the stage of the disease and whether certain supplements are taken, report researchers at the Laboratory for Nutrition and Vision Research (LNVR), […]

Column stresses importance of rubbing as well as rinsing contact lenses.

In the Health Answers column in the Boston Globe (6/30), Judy Foreman answers a question from a reader who asked, “Do you have to rub contact lenses to clean them if your cleanser is ‘no rub?’” Foreman explains that, “according to a new consumer ‘reminder’ from the” FDA, the agency “is now advising lens wearers […]

Segment explains computer vision syndrome.

On its website and on the air, KPIX-TV San Francisco, a CBS affiliate, reported that with “more than four billion mobile devices, and a countless number of computers…now in use around the world,” many with small display screens, a “high-tech eye problem is staring right back.” According to a survey by the California Optometric Association, […]

Use of inhaled corticosteroids may increase risk for cataracts in dose-dependent manner, research suggests.

MedWire (8/7, Cowen) reports that, according to a meta-analysis published online Aug. 2 in the journal Respirology, “the use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) may increase the risk for cataracts in a dose-dependent manner.” For their analysis, researchers from the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand “searched MEDLINE for the years 1950-2007 and EMBASE for the […]

Article details how eye exams can detect serious diseases elsewhere in body

The UK’s Daily Mail (8/4, Lambert) reports that “research from the” UK’s “College of Optometrists suggests that a quarter of adults have gone for more than two years without having their eyes examined, while 18 percent have left it more than three years.” Putting off an eye examination may be risky, since “optometrists are trained […]

Survey suggests nearly two-thirds of children under six have never had an eye examination

HealthDay (8/3, Preidt) reported that, according to a survey conducted by Prevent Blindness America and VSP Vision Care, “more than 20 percent of kids aged 12 to 17 have trouble seeing the classroom chalkboard.” Specifically, “of the nearly 1,500 children in the survey, more than 25 percent of the teen age group complained of headaches, […]

Researchers developing new understanding of glaucoma.

In the New York Times (7/15) Times Essentials: Reporter’s File, Peter Jaret observed that “a new paradigm for understanding glaucoma has emerged. Glaucoma isn’t simply an eye disease, experts now say, but rather a degenerative nerve disorder, not unlike Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.” While “researchers still recognize high pressure within the eye as a leading […]

Optometrist advises parents to protect children’s eyes against UV rays.

Utah’s Standard-Examiner (7/17, Park) reported that “July is ‘UV Awareness Month,’ and besides protecting children from sunburns, adults also need to protect the eyes of children from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.” Optometrist Renny Knowlton, OD, advised parents to exercise “good judgment and common sense.” Children who “spend a good deal of time in the sun” […]

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