Research Shows Sunlight Prevents Myopia

A recent study from Australia shows that around 10-14 hours of sunlight can reduce the risk of nearsightedness in children. Previous belief had held that the risk of myopia (nearsightedness) increased the more a child played with video games but research has never conclusively backed that up. Instead an indirect link may be found because those children who play with video games are at a higher risk of developing myopia merely because they are not getting enough sunlight.

The question was broached to the leader of this study, whether or not wearing sunglasses hindered the light from coming to the eye. According to Kathryn Rose, a leading international researcher of visual disorders “There is no evidence either way that wearing glasses has no effect or hinders the protective effect of sunlight, but this has not been studied systematically. Young children tend not to routinely wear sunglasses, possibly due to high rates of breakage and general intolerance to wearing glasses.” (Special thanks to CNN for that quote)

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