Does Eye Color Mean Anything?

What does your eye color mean? Type it into Google and you will get a bunch of sketchy personality quizzes and Yahoo! Answers pages. Oh sure there are some ancient superstitions out there like people with green eyes arepossessed by snakes, or that people with brown eyes are wise and don’t let anyone tell them what to do, but in today’s world we know that to be just old wives tales.

Ever heard of an iridologist? Neither have most people. An iridologist says that he or she can read your iris’s like a map to the body. The different colors and patterns in your iris match up to different organs or body parts. They say that by studying the changes in your iris over the course of your lifetime they can allegedly draw out information about your health and personality. One problem though, your iris doesn’t actually change over the course of your life.

So doesn’t your eye color mean anything about you? Well the truth is, no not really. What eye color you develop in later years (as a baby almost everyone’s eye color is blue) depends on our old friends, biology and genetics. As we get older a certain pigment within our iris begins to develop called melanin. If you have low levels of melanin in your eye, your eyes remain the blue they were as a baby. If you have really high levels of melanin it obscures the light entering your eyes leading to brown or even black eyes. Green and hazel eyes are a happy medium between the two extremes. The amount of melanin that you wind up with later on in life actually depends on your parents eye color genes. So really the only thing eye color actually means is that it serves as a reminder of where you came from. The next time you see your mom and dad, thank them.

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