Sjogren’s Syndrome – how does it affect the vision?

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune condition that affects primarily females in their 40′s.  It is a systemic disease, so symptoms can be experienced throughout the body, but as far as the eyes are concerned, symptoms include dryness in the eyes (Keratitis Sicca) from moderate to severe.  Sjogrens is often difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms mimic those of several other types of arthritic conditions.

Eye related symptoms of Sjogrens include eye dryness combined with intermittent blurry vision.  The blurry vision occurs as the tear film is reduced in sufferers of the disease, and the tear film is an integral part of the optics of the eye.  Vision may fluctuate on the blink.

If you are a female above 40 and are having dry eye related symptoms, ask your eye doctor (optometrist or ophthalmologist) to check for dry eye related systemic disease or refer you to a rheumatologist.  Your eye doctor will do one of several tests, specifically the Shirmer test and/or the Rose Bengal or Lissamine green dye test, both topically applied with results available immediately.

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